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“Dear Ashley

I was wondering if you could give some advice/tips on how to apply false eyelashes. I have worn them a few times for special occasions but I have never applied them myself. Also, which brand/type do you recommend? Thanks so much!

– Vicki”

Thanks for asking, Vicki! So many of my clients come to me afraid of false eyelashes because they have had bad experiences with them in the past. This is usually attributed to them being applied incorrectly, but that is understandable because they can be so tricky! It’s such a bummer though because lashes are one cheap, fun, and quick way to create a wow factor in your look. I’m glad you’re interested to learn! Once you learn the secrets and get the hang of it, applying them can be a breeze! Or at least easier than it was before 😉

I’ve narrowed it down to 4 easy steps to purchase and apply the perfect false lash! I write a lot, mostly because I like to be detailed (and give all my secrets away!), but don’t let that fool you. It may look like I said way too much about false lashes but the core of the steps are simple!bellingham makeup artist

Step 1: Find the Right Eyelashes
Finding the right eyelashes can be easier than you think! They don’t need to be expensive, there are plenty of great eyelashes you can pick up for $3-$4. One of the biggest things you want to look for is an invisible band holding the lashes together. This is a very thin, round, clear plastic strip. Lashes with an invisible band are going to be more flexible than those with a thick black plastic band, which you will commonly see. The more flexible they are, the easier they will be to apply. An invisible band is also a lot lighter than it’s counterpart, making them more comfortable, not to mention more natural looking! The second thing you want to pay attention to when picking out lashes is how the actual hair looks. Does it look like real hair or does it look plastic-like? Many lashes (including the ones I stock my kit with) are made from human hair, which may sound weird but if you can get past it, they are truly the most natural ones you will find! I recommend checking out lashes from Ardell or Kiss. Both offer plenty of lashes under $5 that are natural-looking with invisible bands (and ones with more dramatic flair if that’s what you’re after) and can be found at your local drug store.

Step 2: Sizing Your Eyelashes
The next, and probably the biggest key in applying false eyelashes is making sure they fit you! Not all lashes are one-size fits all, in fact, almost all of them aren’t! When you apply false lashes, you want the strip of lashes to start 2-3 lashes in (from your natural lashes) in the inner corner and end 2-3 lashes inward from your lashes on the outer corner. So you want the lashes you are working with to span just shy of your natural lashes on each end. This is because of a few reasons. If you go too far into your inner corner, the falsies will feel like they are poking you (ouch!) and will be super uncomfortable the entire time. If you go too far on the outer corner, they will appear heavy and droopy, like they have taken over your entire eye. Ending just a couple lashes short will provide a nice lift at the end and make your eye appear more open. Sizing on yourself can be tricky, so give yourself a little extra time when you first start doing it (but if find a pair you like and use regularly, just write down or track how much you cut off and save yourself the hassle in the future!). When measuring, I start by placing them where I need in the inner corner and line them up on my lash line moving outward. Then, I take note of how far in to cut and use my mini-grooming scissors to cut them. Always cut from the outside of the lash, never the inside. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so I recommend cutting a little, re-measuring, and then cutting more if needed. Be sure when starting out to measure and cut each eye separately. Many times, you’ll cut off the exact same amount on each side, but many people’s eyes are slightly different shaped from one another, which means you might need to trim one side of the lashes a little more than the other. If this sounds a little too high-maintenance for you, try these end lashes from Ardell. Even just these little end guys can make a big impact!

Bellingham Makeup ArtistStep 3: Placing and Gluing the Lashes
Now that you’ve got them sized, you’re ready to adhere the lashes. I stock my kit with the black glue by Duo but would recommend their glue that dries clear for beginners. Before applying mascara, use a pointed q-tip or toothpick, pick up glue and drag it all the way across the very top of the lashes (be careful not to bring it down on front or the back of the band, keep it just on top). Make sure it is a very thin line of glue, too much glue will cause it squeeze out on the side. Even though it dries clear, excess glue will reflect light and can be noticeable (if this happens, just cover it up with eyeliner or mascara!). Once the glue is on the lash, shake it to start the drying process for about 15-20 seconds before applying. This will bring the glue to more of a tacky state, meaning it’s less likely to slide and move once you place it where you want to, and it will also dry faster once put in place. Although I like to start at the inner corner when measuring, I prefer to start at the outer corner and work inward with adhering the lashes, but feel free to play with it and see what works best for you! Be careful not to apply the lashes to the front of your eyelid, but try to apply them right on your lash line for the most natural effect.

Step 4: Blend and Go!
By now, you’ve done it! You’ve applied your lashes! The last and final step is the easiest. Once they have completely dried, apply a coat (or two) of mascara to blend your natural lashes into the falsies and you’ll be set! They may feel weird and heavy at first, but once you have done the final step and blended them, give it about 10-15 minutes and you’ll hardly notice them at all! To save your lashes, once you remove them gently peel off any remaining glue and press them up on the markers in their box so they keep their shape. If you take good care of them, you should get at least 2-3 more uses out of them!

Applying false lashes at first can be time consuming – it will probably take you 5-10 minutes to get it down the first few times. But like with anything, practice makes perfect and the more you practice, the faster and easier it will be for you! Good luck!!



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