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“Dear Ashley,

I have a ruddy and red complexion, but only in certain places (such as my chin). It gets worse in winter months. I also have combination skin, making it difficult to balance out as I’m dry in some areas but oily in others, so I don’t want to use anything too heavy or harsh. What is the best tool or product you can recommend to help achieve an even skin tone?

– Stephanie”

Hi Stephanie, thanks for asking that question! Before talking about makeup products, let’s talk about skin care. I can definitely recommend ways to cover up redness, but correcting rather than concealing the problem will definitely lead to happier results down the road!

Knowing and understanding your skin is very important to finding a great skin care routine, so knowing you have combination skin is a great place to start. One myth about skin care is that your entire face needBellingham Makeup Artists the same focus; that might be true if you have dry skin or oily skin, but combination skin has different needs. For example, if you are using an oil-free moisturizer on your face because you don’t want the parts that get oily to get too oily, the rest of your face where it is dry might not be getting as much moisture as it needs. Use a heavier moisturizer where you need it to rid the dryness and use no moisturizer or an oil-free moisturizer in the oily spots.

Another skin-care must in my book is a toner! While there are lots of serums and other creams that can help with color correction, I find that a good ole’ toner can work miracles and can save you a lot of money as they are cheap! If you have a regular skin care line you use, try their toner as skin care products are made to be compatible and work off each other. If not, try something like this Lavender Witch Hazel by Thayers. It’s means to soothe and calm redness/irritation and balance out skin tone. Just make sure whatever you buy is alcohol-free as alcohol can be harsh on skin!

And last for skin care, make sure your are washing your face properly. It is incredibly important to wash it every night, because your skin can’t heal when it’s wearing makeup, so giving it the opportunity to breathe and “do it’s thing” is key! Also make sure you are not over-exfoliating. Only exfoliate once a week or every-other week to slough off any dead skin cells. More than that though is too harsh for our skin to handle.

Now….onto concealing the redness! There are a few different tips I have that might be able to help. You’re going to find your best success by focusing on correcting the color through prepping the skin. Knowing a bit of color theory can come in hancolor-wheel-and-ittens-color-theory---6912_step1dy when wanting to correct colors – in this situation, green counter balances red, so using a green primer will help cool the redness. Use just a little bit and rub it in well. Be sure to only use it in the red areas because if you use it elsewhere, it will take out some of your natural flushed color and your skin will appear too yellowy. If you are not sold on the green primer or it doesn’t seem to work for you, I like this calming primer by Cover FX. It does a great job at calming redness too.

Moving onto foundation, I would focus on your technique of applying foundation the most. Any good foundation should cover the problem and last throughout the day. If you are using your fingers or sponges to apply foundation, I would recommend switching to brushes! I find that a foundation brush gives me more control over my application; I use less product (because it isn’t as absorbent as a sponge) and I can better tailor my application to my needs, applying less where less is needed (such as oily areas), and more where more is needed (such as my nose, chin, or any other red areas). If you need tips on applying foundation with a brush, I recommend watching this quick video!

Thanks again for your question, Stephanie! I hope these tips help you achieve the balanced skin you’re looking for!



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