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“Dear Ashley,

Is it always necessary to use primer under my foundation? I feel like it’s just another ploy to get me to spend money at the beauty store!

– Vincy”

Thanks for asking Vincy, I get this question a LOT! While I could probably go on about this for a while, here’s my skinny on the issue: primer is not necessary, but from a makeup artist’s standpoint I highly recommend it. Most primers smooth out visible pores and fine lines, correct areas with discoloration, and keep the foundation “sticking” to the skin better, ensuring it to last all day. Others also can prep your skin with SPF, have skin brightening properties, and come with other skin-care benefits too. There are SO many benefits to using a primer, it is almost hard to go wrong with one in my book. That said, my only “rule” when it comes to makeup is do what works best for you! Everyone is different and has different wants and needs when it comes to their beauty routine. If you are satisfied with the result you get without a primer, there’s no sense in buying one just to add a new product that will clutter your bag. But if you are considering purchasing a primer, the 2 cardinal rules to follow are this: buy for your skin type and your foundation type. For example, if you have oily skin, opt for an oil free one and for dry skin pick one that can add extra hydration. If you have an oil-free foundation, pick a primer that is oil-free as well, otherwise the oils in it could break down your foundation. Same thing goes for oil-based, silicone, and wax-based foundations. If you’re looking for a good primer, I can’t rave enough about Smashbox! They are on the higher end but they are SO good! And they have a very extensive line, so you are sure to find one that matches both your skin type and foundation type.

I hope this helps you decide when considering whether or not to purchase a primer. Thanks again for writing in!



Bellingham Makeup Artist

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