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“What is the best way to pick out a foundation that matches my skin tone?

– Jackie”

Great question! Finding the right foundation color can be tricky and it makes such a difference when you do! First, it’s important to note whether you have pink, neutral, or yellow undertones in your skin. Everyone has some slight undertones and all foundations are made cool or warm with those in mind. One important thing to note is that if you feel like you need to go up or down a shade, you can’t always just jump to the next lighter or darker color because numbering systems don’t work that way! If you have yellow undertones and jump down one shade/number, you could be jumping down to a pink-toned shade. So make sure you’re really taking time to look at, test, and evaluate the shades thoroughly!

When is comes to testing colors and actually matching skin tone, I recommend matching colors to your chest/collar bone. Although the jaw-line method is popular, I personally find it is hard to match becBellingham Makeup Artistause you can’t see it well and it is often in a shadowy place. Although there might be a slight color difference between your chest and your face, matching to your chest will create the most fluidity in your color as a whole. Don’t fully blend the colors your testing into your chest. Dab them to slightly blend to get the initial idea and narrow it down before fully blending in your top one or two contenders. If you’re feeling really stuck, close your eyes for 5-10 seconds and then immediately look right at the colors in the mirror when you open. One color will virtually disappear and that is the one you want. This is also a great trick if you are unsure if you have neutral, pink, or yellow undertones – do this and you will quickly figure it out! Always make sure you test colors in good (preferably natural) light and when applying the foundation blend down into your neck if needed as your neck is often lighter than both your face and chest.

If you’re not sure what color you are, ask for samples and try a few over the next week! Depending on lighting, etc. colors can look different on you one day to the next and so it’s good to make sure the color is still the right match a few days later. Plus, foundation can be expensive! Most places give out complimentary samples to their customers and so it is totally okay to ask for some and make sure you’ll be getting the right product for your investment!



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