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“Dear Ashley,

How do I adjust my skin care for the changing seasons? My skin goes through a lot when the weather gets colder and dryer.

– Quincey”

I struggle with the same problem, Quincey! I have dry skin and just when I think it can’t get any drier in the winter, it does. The first step in adjusting your skin care is identifying and isolating the problem(s).

In the winter, the common complaints are dry skin and red, itchy patches. For dry skin, changing or upping your moisturizer game is the first step. If you use a regular moisturizer, try a night cream in the evening which is more concentrated and powerful. Make sure you are regularly washing your face to give your skin oxygen and time to heal. Also, use warm water to cleanse and then apply the moisturizer when your skin is still lightly damp, as your pores will be open and ready to receive the moisturizer.

Using calming products such as aloe vera, and avoiding harsh ingredients such as alcohol/fragrance will also help even out and provide balance to your skin tone. If red skin is a problem, try adding SPF into your skin care. Even though it’s not summer, your skin still needs protection against the elements and this can help it, potentially preventing redness from dry weather altogether. If you are doing outdoor activities such as skiing or running, using a product like vaseline will also bring extra protection and moisturization to skin. Additionally, I recently gave some tips on red skin care and correction through makeup, which you can read here.

Opposite to this is the suBellingham Makeup Artistmmer. Common skin complaints in the summer are oily skin and/or more frequent breakouts. Going back to your regular moisturizer, or switching to an oil free moisturizer will help give your oily skin the change/balance it needs. If you have dry or combination skin, don’t be afraid to treat the different areas of your face differently based on your needs. In fact, that may be the best thing you can do! If your entire face is oily, except for your nose and chin, then treat your entire face as normal and add a more intense moisturizer or vitamin E on the areas that need extra love. Another great item to pick up is a toner/astringent that will help absorb oil, remove excess dirt, unclog pores, and balance skin tone. Using less makeup product can also help achieve better balance in the summer. I also love to use a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturizer in the summer as a lighter alternative to foundation that is more skin care focused.

I hope these tips help you in adjusting your seasonal skin care! As a rule of thumb, always be sure to identify, isolate, and treat each problem individually to give your face the holistic love it needs and you’ll be set!



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